The Unscene Singers


Unscene Singers is an accessible singing group for people with visual impairment. New members always welcome!

We meet in central Ipswich on Monday afternoons in term-time. If you'd like to join a single session to find out more, please contact me - details below. 


• Songs of all styles - we learn by ear.

• Large print word sheets and audio tracks provided

• Meet at NW2 (next to the Wolsey Theatre), or walk with our volunteers from the Cattle Market bus station

• Visually impaired and sighted singers  welcome!


We are also seeking driver volunteers, especially from the Woodbridge, Sudbury and Stowmarket areas


Interested? Email 

For more information go to the website for Unscene Suffolk or Facebook page


Unscene Singers is part of Unscene Suffolk, which provides accessible arts activities for people with visual impairment.

Unscene Singers is supported by the Henry Smith Foundation and Suffolk Community Foundation 

My most blustery gig ever! Unscene Singers on Aldeburgh Beach as part of the Festival Fringe in June